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How can a third space introduce human centered methodologies to architectural practices actively exploring workplace design?


Introducing Studio.Bash, a living prototype by Gensler. 


How Studio.Bash Works

There are 3 driving forces for the concept, the third space, the bash and human centered design that drove the design. 


Research Cafe

Welcome to the Studio.Bash Research Cafe. The cafe is all about exploring and testing new ideas with the public. 

Head to the bar and pick your Bash. For example… A chill out smoothie may be needed for the day or if you want a pick me up try the energy infused Speedball smoothie. 


Working Surfaces

Flexible and transformable tables allow the community to utilize surfaces as needed and gives them creative control over their environment. 


Rest, Relax and Share

Another aspect of the community research cafe is the outdoor lounge area. This semi private area is set back from the street to help create a forum for neighborhood events and a space for Gensler employees and clients to pitch initial concepts. 


Meet in the Bash Rooms

The generative meeting bash rooms give clients and employees an intimate space to discuss the project. Early stages of a projects begin here.

Right from the beginning Studio.Bash changes clients' perspectives, giving them a new outlook on the project through these movable meeting rooms. Three bash rooms provide ample space to bash clients' perspective with the employees' perspective to help generate initial ideas. 


Take A Walk

Hypothesize about initial ideas through the walking labyrinth starting users from the bottom and bringing them to the upper level of Studio.Bash. The walking labyrinth gives people time to process initial project kick off ideas and concepts.

Look Out

When walking along the walkway there may be stops along the way because design is not always a linear process. Sometimes new bashes happen along the path.


Contemplation Library

Once clients and employees reach the top they can pop into the contemplation library to dive into secondary research to enhance their initial project ideas. The contemplation library is also a place to go and relax underneath the therapeutic warm light. The warm light energizes clients and employees so they can return and synthesize on all the ideas that have been absorbed. 

Synthesize and Play

The synthesis playground is located directly off of the contemplation library. This is a space for employees and clients to synthesis the data and organize ideas that they would like to further explore. The white board walls provide digital working surfaces that capture ideation and syncs to users' devices.


Prototype to Learn

A prototyping workshop gives clients and employees an opportunity to fabricate critical prototypes to test initial ideas. Users can do it themselves or activate the robotics studio to create larger scale pieces for them.


Project Pitch

At the end of the day the clients and employees head back down to the research cafe to pitch and talk about their initial findings. 


Come Bash with yourself, Bash with the community and Bash with clients.


Project Details


Final thesis project at Art Center College of Design. 

Main drivers:

  • Introduce human centered design into Architectural practices
  • Space as a prototype


How can a third space introduce human centered methodologies to architectural practices actively exploring workplace design? 


Introducing Studio.Bash a living prototype
by Gensler. 



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Rhino and Vray
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The way people design is constantly evolving.


An article published by Gensler focused on how they would like
to explore: 

  • A decision-focused process that is more tangible and more transparent that empowers clients and design teams.
  • A decision-focused process that requires solutions-focused deliverables.
  • Individual decisions and solutions that are aggregated to decision streams that illustrate a direct impact on the business value. 

2016 Gensler workplace report:

  • Employees needed and wanted working surfaces for design collaboration and individual ideation.
  • Creatives want a range of different spaces that were organized around specific types of work styles. 
  • Employees want a diversity in the people, ideas, cultures and work styles that surround them.

The way people work is constantly evolving. 


Third Space

“It’s not home (1st Place), its not work (2nd Place), its somewhere  in between, a
public hangout.”

-Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks


The way we think about design is constantly evolving. 


User Insights

  • New vantage points 
  • Flexible spaces
  • Inspiration around every corner
  • Mix of creative disciplines
    and cultures


The users of Studio.Bash include, Gensler employees, clients, students and most importantly the community. They help drive the human connection and help fuel the creative neighborhood.




Through exploring Studio.Bash a third space for Gensler employees, clients and the community exciting questions emerged for me… 

  • How do we introduce human centered design methodologies into architectural practices... what are the barriers, but more importantly what are the opportunities?
  • How does opening a corporate workplace to the community catalyze cultural change?
  • How does a human centered design perspective impact the spatial program?
  • How does looking at a space as a living prototype impact how we design for the future?