Rachel Moore

Service Jam ATX


How can we challenge mental health stigmas in
the context of the workplace?


A mental health gym that broadens the
cultural perspective of what mental health can
be through the lens of emotional intelligence.


Project Details


The Global Service Jam is a non-profit volunteer activity organized by an informal network of service design aficionados, who all share a common passion for growing the field of service design and customer experience.
The Jam has a staff of none and a budget of nearly nothing.


Just 48 hours to change the world. 


How do you scope a porject tightly while also utilizing UX design methadologies to enhance design decisions quickly with people you have never met. 


UX Design



Collaboration with

A team of 5


Design Process and Timeline



Day 2


Understanding the problem space

With only 48 hours ahead of us we needed to dive in quickly and figure out what part of the problem space we were going to tackle. We generated assumptions as a group that surfaced what we thought emotional lintelligence meant to us. 


Questions and Assumptions


Certain and Low Risk

We broke off and generated our own questions and assumptions on
post its. 

We mapped these assumptions to a 2x2 grid and focused on assumptions we were fairly certain about and questions that were low risk to investigate. 

2017-02-18 11.30.20.jpg

Discussion Guide and User Interviews


1.5 hours and 12 user interviews later

We first went through as a group and developed a discussion guide that lead us to user interview questions. 

From there we broke off and each called 2 people to gather as much user interview data we could that would help inform
our personas. 


Persona Development


Affinity diagraming user interview data

We split off and wrote down all the information we received from our interviews to start to build the personas.

We clustered the post its to find similarities in our user research to
extract insights.  

The main insights that we focused
on were:

  • Self perception/perception of others
  • Being misunderstood 
  • Avoidance 

Behavioral variables and Personas

We clustered all the data and began to map our users to larger categories on a scale from extreme to less extreme to find behavioral variables, which lead us
to 2 personas. 

Lily, 46, working mother, 3 kids
Joe Sharn, 28, Sales Manger, Single

We broke off again and mapped our personas to I WANT I NEED statements to better understand what type of
service was needed and would support
our users in there efforts to develop
emotional intelligence.


What Ifs


What if...

Our final generative session of the evening.. While everyone still has energy but is getting a little slap happy we take a stab at what the expereince and service could be.

2017-02-18 15.38.38.jpg

Day 3




6 hours to go and a prototype
is needed....

Freak-Out-Park is born… With all of our ideas laid out we begin to build a storyboard. Our final outcome serves mainly Joe and his need of not wanting anyone to see his emotions but needs a place to go to let it all out. 




Prototype V1

We set out into the quite outdoors and begin to shoot the V1 prototype of Freak-Out-Park. 




For me the Service Jam ATX was an awesome experience in building consensuses with a team of some people I have never met and the opportunity to work with others I haven't worked with in a while.  

It was also a wonderful opportunity to work through the design process quickly and efficiently to maximize the time we did have. Through utilizing both generative group sessions and individual work we were able to not only generate a lot of data but also make sure everyone on the team was heard and felt enfranchised throughout the process. 

I also really appreciated us being able to tackle a sensitive subject to some people in a way that was thoughtful and mindful. In the end the prototype did come out in a
tone that was playful... but every move had intent and thought behind it that was backed by the research we discovered
from our participants.