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seis cuentos

seis cuentos
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How can experiential learning introduce sustainable practices into our creative endeavors? 


Twelve creatives.
Six principles of Biomimicry. 
One journey through Costa Rica.


How it works

An invitation only network embedded in the diverse ecosystems of Costa Rica, seis cuentos immerses creatives in a series of unique eperiences focused around engaging in the community an participating in conservation efforts.


Meet the guests




Boots on the ground in Costa Rica


Experience Overview

Six Life Principles of Biomimicry


Camp Pod
Life Principle: Adapt to Changing Conditions
Program: Community collaboration

Camp Flower
Life Principle: Evovle to Survive
Program: Mediation

Camp Butterfly
Life Principle: Be Resource Efficient
Program: Help with trails

Camp Centipede
Life Principle: Integrate Development with Growth
Program: Coffee Farming

Camp Strangling Tree
Life Principle: Life Friendly Chemistry
Program: Exploration / Fusion

Camp Tortuguero
Life Principle: Be Locally Attuned and Responsive
Program: Beach Clean Up



Day 1: Arrive at Camp POD in Uvita
Day 2: Orientation to Six Life Principles of Biomimicry
Day 3: Camp Butterfly
Day 4: Camp Centipede
Day 6: Camp Flower
Day 7: Camp Strangling Tre
Day 8: Camp Tortuguero


Camp Pod
Location: Uvita, Costa Rica
Space: Hut

Camp Butterfly
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Space: Parasitic Structure

Camp Centipede
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Space: Subterranean Modular Units

Camp Flower
Location: Chato Volcano, Costa Rica
Space: Levitating Pods

Camp Strangling Tree
Location: Celeste River, Costa Rica
Space: Hanging Pod


Camp Tortuguero
Location: Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Space: Floating House


It all begins at Camp Pod.


Social Space

Guests can trade stories, share research methodologies,
and discuss recent discoveries, and creative practices.


Work Space

After exploring the site guests can bring back their
findings and dive deeper into what they discovered.



Locals come in to share with guests about the
Six Life Principles of Biomimicry.



Guests can purchase or check out books for
their adventure to further dicover.



Guest can cook in the communal kitche
or enjoy a local favorite prepared by staff.


Discover Costa Rica through the lens of biomimicry
and experience a journey that is not only magical
but meaningful. 


Project Details


A 14 week project that focused on integrating into the Costa Rica landscape through sustainable practices in hospitality. Two weeks in Costa Rica
and 12 weeks at Art Center in Pasadena.


How can experiential learning
introduce sustainable practices into
our creative endeavors?  


Twelve creatives.
Six principles of Biomimicry. 
One journey through Costa Rica.


Environment Design
UX Design


Rhino and Vray
Abobe Creative Suite
Field Research
Model Making





Through field research and immersing myself in the center of Costa Rica made the inspiration come that much easier. We did a variety of different types of field research, from staying in cabanas in the middle of the jungle at nights, to visiting a range of hospitality spaces, to visiting residential and workshops to understand the materiality of Costa Rica. 

I believe in field research and I believe it helps a project come to life. The ability to connect with those you are designing for is a key part of my process.