Rachel Moore


Branding | Environment | UX

How can we extend the global dining conversation
from the digital space to the face to face? 


Places crafts the local dining
experience through a global
network of pop up events.


How Places Works

Leveraging an ecosystem of chefs, foodies, restaurants and the Tastemade content platform, Places weaves together an experience that begins on your mobile device and ends with a group of new friends and a host of restaurants to check out.  


Food is love.

Connect with people that love food as much as you do. Share passed appetizers and cocktails while discovering your new favorite spot to eat through the Places digital map.


Meet and interact with the Chef in an open
kitchen environment. 

Places is a completely transparent event so you can
see where and how the food is being prepared. 

Table for 4…8…12?
Dine beyond your table.

The digital screen you can choose to pop in on another Places event that is going on in a different city, see a blurb of what they are talking about before connecting and tap and join. Guests will not just be dining with 4 people but 8 or 12. Swap stories about your meal and share your favorite spots in the neighborhood. 


Collect and Recommend new spots to dine.

When leaving Places your Places app will automatically sync to the interactive map and provide you with the list of restaurant recommends from the guests and videos from the evening of your new Tastemaker friends. 


Host the next one.

It's easy just open the Places app and either rent the space
or host an event in your home and dine with your new Tastemaker friends.


A holistic discovery experience fusing
local chefs, local farms,
and local natives.


Project Details


A 14 week project that focuses on a branded pop up experience sponsored
by Tastemade.

A look at how to extend a digital brand into a physical space through 3 main ideas, host an event in your home, rent Places (a pop up space), and attend an event via the Places app. 


How can you extend the global dining
conversation from the digital space
to the face to face? 


Places crafts the local dining
experience through a global network of pop up events.



Branding Strategy
Environment Design
UX Design


Rhino and Vray
Abobe Creative Suite
Proto Personas
Site Map
User Flow
Wireframes in Invision




The future of dining is mobile, intimate, and iterative.

Secondary Research

  • Pop ups are experience prototypes for new restaurants.
  • Sharing economy enters your
    home kitchen.
  • Social interfaces drive social engagement through scale
    and conversation.

Tastemade is limited to a digital table.

Brand Audit

Limited to digital platforms, the opportunity to bring this social experience to the physical world was clearly apparent after surveying their
key touchpoints. 





This physical experience needs
a digital beginning and end.

Proto Personas


Site Map


User Flow


Medium Fidelity Wireframes: Attending Event

Medium Fidelity Wireframes: Renting Space


High Fidelity Comps




Places was a very fun project to design because who
doesn’t have a memory of sitting around the dinner table
with friends and family, laughing, sharing stories and special
moments together. 

Through making Places and extending it to an app experience, I learned and gained a lot of insights as this was my first wireframe I made.   

Through making a wireframe I realized it is kind of like designing a floor plan. Each little piece comes together to make the whole. 

A key element that wireframing taught me was the importance of hierarchy and flow through each screen.  One thing I learned was when do you have someone input their information. I thought naturally you open the app and have the user log in but I learned that by putting the log in screen later, it allowed an opportunity to build a relationship and trust with the user.