Rachel Moore


UX | Environment | Brand Strategy

How can an emerging brand deepen the connection with its consumers through sensory design? 


Create a sensory experience in a retail environment that delivers brand messaging through active engagement.


Brand values

Nature Bound
A mindful approach to
urban outdoor living. 

Hyper Local
Material sourcing and using assets to the fullest extent. Community and environmental responsibility through avoiding waste. 

Creating jobs and connecting
with customers. 


Content Strategy

Each touchpoint through the space drew on a multi sensory experience that reflected the brand values to ensure critical messages stick. 

Front window  
A key element to grab foot traffic and entice them to enter the store. 

To capture insights to deepen relationships, the Kickstarter narrative was deployed to engage the customers. 

Main Stage
To deliver the brand message of nature bound, a self guided experience that
connects Ilan Dei studio and IDV.


Bike Valet

Take a load off, throw your bike up on the latest Vert Bike Rack prototype and check out the only prototype you can test before kickstarting it.

Facilitate discovery, uncover the story.

Glimpse into the video portals to connect with why Ilan Dei Studio creates, how they make it happen, and what urban outdoor living means to the designers behind the work. 


Three videos, one story.

Reinforcing the content strategy, video portals were produced to give each brand value, Relationships, Hyperlocal and Nature Bound its own narrative.



Instagrammable moments inspire active engagement, build brand awareness through earned media, and create a sense of place for the photographer, and their social networks.


We hang out. Our dogs hang out. Never have I known
so many of my neighbors as I do living in Venice.

- K.C.


Project Details



IDV products inspire creativity and optimism, foster conversations and gatherings. At Ilan Dei Venice they design and make furniture and accessories for Urban Outdoor Living to inspire a life beyond the one we live indoors. 

All of their products are thoughtfully designed and tested in Venice, CA and manufactured in Los Angeles. They are an offspring of Ilan Dei Studio which has been designing and fabricating in Venice for over 25 years. 


How can an emerging brand deepen the connection with its consumers through sensory design?


Create a sensory experience in a retail environment that delivers brand messaging through active engagement.


Spatial UX Design
Brand Strategy


Rhino and Vray
Abobe Creative Suite

Collaboration with

Nicholas Jayanty, IxD
Christian Romo, Graphic Design


Project Timeline






Mapping Needs and Values

Bringing a human centered design strategy to the project required initial research focused on understanding and ultimately aligning the needs and values IDV's internal stakeholders, existing users, and target customers.

Subject Matter Expert Interviews

Stakeholders included:

  • Ilan Dei
  • Rick Smith- Brand manager
  • Molly- Designer
  • Andrew- Designer
  • Kerri Fennelli- IDV store manager

Through these multiple stakeholder interviews that main conclusion, was that nobody knows that Ilan Dei Studio is 3 blocks away from IDV and Ilan's customers do not know his brand values. 

SafeNinos_kidsgrow_scarsDont - 1.jpg
SafeNinos - 2.jpg

Active Engagement

Ilan Dei
Insight: It's about making the outdoors a little more comfortable
Opportunity: Provide customers with products they can engage with

Rick Smith
Insight: We don't have a dedicated marketing person
Opportunity: Integrate brand messaging

Kerri Fennelli
Insight: The space is to big for one person to covert we only have one associate per shift
Opportunity: Self guided experience

Insight: I designed the rack from my experience
Opportunity: Usability tests

Brand Centric Messaging

Ilan Dei
Insight: We don't just design and manufacture hyper locally, we also design products for our local community
Opportunity: Extending hyper local into the space

Rick Smith
Insight: We try to manufacture within a 50 mile radius
Opportunity: Communicate the hyper local commitment

Kerri Fennelli
Insight: Nobody knows IDV stands for Ilan Dei Venice or that our studio is 3 blocks away
Opportunity: Reinforce IDV to IDS and Venice

Insight: The origin of the bike rack came from customer feedback
Opportunity: Communicate or illustrate how that story aligns with the brand values

IDV User Ecosystem


Mid 30’s
Married with 2 children
Stay at home mom
Lives in Venice, CA
Education: Bachelors of Art in Art History
“I feel you can turn something in to something totally different. Make it your own. Make it uniquely yours.” 
I’m planning on relandscaping my backyard to be more drought tolerant and I need to shop for new furniture to go with it
Pain Points
Finding time for herself
Hard to find furniture that is durable and stylish
It is hard to find honest brands
I want my impact to be felt by those I love
I want to feel proud of where I live
I want to be concious of my community and my environment


Young Professional
Rents a condo in Venice, CA
Marketing Professional
Education: Master in Marketing
“Neighborhood walks, houses, I like houses a lot, how they have things set up or just architecture, so much good architecture in Venice.” 
I want to align with a cool brand
I want to be inspired whenever I go to IDV
I want to find a gift for a friend
Pain Points
It is hard to find products that are truly unique
It is hard to find products that are environmentally conscious
I can’t invest in furniture until I am more settled  
I want to be a leader
I want my work and my life to be meaningful
I feel like I have so much to learn


Corporate Interiors
Owns a home in Culver City
Corporate Interior Designer
Education: Master in Architecture
“You can’t put a price on great taste”
I want to understand my clients needs
I want to quickly find the information I need for products
I need the process of browsing, shopping, purchasing and delivery to happen as quickly as possible
Pain Points
I don’t always have the time to go see the product in the store
It is hard to figure out color options
I don’t get updated with new products often enough
I want to be the best
I want to enjoy my life
I need to take better care of myself


User Needs and Wants                                                                 

Spatial Strategy


Integrate the Brand Story


3 blocks from where you are standing:
Mapping brand values to spatial experience

Through user research we validated that IDV's look and feel resonated with their target users, but the primary disconnect was the IDV brand story was hidden.  To expose IDV's brand story, key points of interaction were identified and custom content pieces around each brand value were created to bring the story to life.

SafeNinos - 1.jpg

Sensory Experience Objectives

With target areas selected based on circulation
and flow, experience objectives were identified
and mapped. 

To support the sensory experience of the IDV store, each design element needed to be more than passive signage on a wall and give customers an opportunity to engage with the brand through meaningful
spatial microinteractions.


Content Delivery

Relaying the content strategy, the IDV show room was organized around the brand values to support the message each one of those values represented. 

Leveraging the modular quality of the peg board the space was organized into vignettes enabling guests to learn more about IDV, interact with products, and provide a gorgeous backdrop for tourists and customers to capture inspiration to the store. 

The central tagline of IDV was displayed prominently to create a spatial call to action, and secondary messages were strategically placed inside the portals to balance messaging and give each brand value its own intimate stage. 


Form Language

We took the aesthetics and design themes for the
rack itself and created a set of rules to be the
containers we design.

Final Form Language

To create a complete story, each image was treated with the IDV color palette. The boards were then prepped to be easily mounted on the peg peg system for seamless installation. The peg system was already installed within the space and we used the same dimensions.

Each board was given a quote derived from an interview we accused during the process. All the interviewees were local to Venice and their inspiration was to displayed within final context. 


Self guided engagement



To meet the needs of diverse user groups, we tested the instagrammability of each vignette. User research indicated that most tourists produced selfie content, while the customer target was focused on product focused vignettes that told a story, and photos of their children in inspiring settings. Balancing this photographic need, the space was carefully composed to facilitate as many photographic opportunities as possible.


Critical Prototypes

Do one, do two, do three and test again.
From paper, to cardboard, to MDF to final. Figure out why works and what does not work. Critical prototyping was
a key part in the  process. 


In Store Usability Testing

Prototyping with the user in mind reflects a commitment to customer relationships and an opportunity to learn more about the products strengths and reveal opportunities to improve the final design. 

It also provided potential kickstarter backers the opportunity to engage with the product before committing to supporting it and demonstrates the studio's passion for making the best product possible. 




What I learned

The importance of project scoping with multiple stakeholders and collaborators working on the project. 

How difficult it is to connect with your users when you are sourcing users from your personal network.

How to test human centered design in the context of space through prototyping and testing with users for feedback to quickly iterate on the design. 

How to design micro interactions in space to create a total
brand experience.

At the launch event we did not have a good plan in place to collect the data from customers to take back and synthesize. There is an opportunity to plan better in the future. 


Make a final design of the portal to be a permanent design in
the space. 

Install power to the portal wall to allow for the videos to play without using battery.