Rachel Moore


UX | Systems Thinker | Solution Seeker

Live from the stage/my workspace

I am a UX designer with a concentration in Social Innovation Design from ArtCenter. I have always been interested in designing experiences that connect people to space and people to interactions.

I recognized I had the opportunity to strengthen my environmental design practice by deeply exploring the interaction design coursework offered to cultivate my human centered design process. 

By blending these two disciplines, I've not only had the opportunity to work on hospitality, retail and healthcare service design projects, I've also had the opportunity to build more traditional interaction design skills.

I've also pursued opportunities to get into the field via the social innovation department, DesignMatters at ArtCenter where I did sustainability focused field research in Costa Rica and pediatric burn rehabilitation focused work at COANIQUEM in Santiago, Chile as well as a hospitality project in Berlin where I was embedded in the field for 3 months. These opportunities have enabled me to strengthen my skills, deepen my empathy abilities and most importantly utilize human centered design to make an impact. 


If you want to check out more about who I am:

I love traveling, meeting new people, spending time with family and friends, reading, watching nature documentaries and most importantly my english and french bulldog.